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Enjoy your lawn all year with seasonal cleanup services in Waxhaw, NC

As Seasons Change, So Does Your Lawn

From piles of fallen leaves to scattered branches after summer storms, seasonal cleanup services are needed year-round to keep your property free of unsightly debris. Hire A Galloway Scapes LLC for a seasonal cleanup service for your yard in the Waxhaw, NC area. We will remove dead leaves, limbs and weeds to get your yard back into tiptop shape.

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seasonal cleanup

Weather is unpredictable, but our quality service is a sure thing

In North Carolina, there's no such thing as typical seasonal weather. One year it could be 70 degrees on Thanksgiving and the next year we could be dealing with an ice storm.

We're here for you during all of North Carolina's 12 seasons, including:


Fool's spring

Second winter

Spring of deception

Third winter

The pollening

Actual spring


Hell's front porch

False fall

Second summer

Actual fall

As unpredictable as our seasonal weather can be, you can rely on us for a yard cleanup service that won't miss a single fallen leaf or loose twig.